10 Steps to Wedding Planning Bliss

10 Steps to Wedding Planning Bliss

Congratulations! Nearly every little girl has dreamed of this point in her life. She has made an extensive hobby of Wedding Planning: either writing it down in her diary, acting it out, or telling her BFF every little detail. Now even though you may think you have every detail covered you may have missed or need to change some things. For some they have no boundary of a budget or have been saving for this for as long as they have been a little girl. No matter what the circumstance may be there are still things that are must do’s for planning a wedding.
  1. Make two budgets. The first budget is the absolute most that you can spend for the Big Day! The second budget is cutting the first one by 15%. Use the second budget as your guide. In today’s economy you always need to have a backup plan. Each aspect of your wedding planning needs to have a budget. For example: Your dream dress needs to have a budget, the ceremony, and the reception. Let us not forget we also need a budget for the announcements. Make a list of everything that you would like for your wedding.
  2. Pick three ceremony dates. Always make sure you have three dates picked just in case the venue where you want the ceremony to take place is not available. If you are wanting an outdoor wedding keep in mind what the weather is like during the dates that you have picked. Choosing an outdoor wedding in April can be risky because of the chance for rain.
  3. Select multiple venues. Venues for receptions tend to book quickly so timing is critical. At this time you should have a time frame and approximately how many guest you will have. I strongly recommend booking this the same day that you have confirmation from the place that you are having the ceremony take place. When selecting a venue for your reception make sure that you have actually seen and walked through it before selecting it. You have to know if the venue will be able to suit your needs for what for what you are wanting. A venue may say that it holds 150 people, but when you place the tables the way that you are wanting it may not be able to support what you are wanting.
  4. Hire a DJ! There is a reason they are also known to be “Master of Ceremonies”. There is so much that a Dj can do for you at your reception. The Dj sets the tone and flow of your celebration. Anybody can play music from an iPod. A Dj knows what is appropriate and what is not. The Dj also sets the flow for the cake cutting, garter removal, bouquet toss. They make sure that your first dance as Mr. & Mrs. is the right song and artist. The Dj gives the “celebration” feeling for all your guest so that everyone will still be talking about your wedding long after they have left. Hiring the right Dj is very critical to the success of your reception. The wedding ceremony last normally at most 45 mins. The reception is going to be anywhere from 3 to 4 hrs. A Dj is going to be 90% of your celebration. Make sure you hire the right Dj.
  5. What type of photographs do you want, then choose a photographer.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words and photos and videos from your wedding day will last you a lifetime. These images and videos your children will want to see one day, not to mention everyone in your family soon after the event. So what type of images are you after? Do you want mostly to share on social media and want only small prints? Do you want a slideshow to share with your friends and family after the day? Or are you looking for a very special wedding album? Do you want video? Consider what you want to have as a keepsake after the day is over, then pick two or three photographers to interview based on what services they offer. Also check from their portfolios if their style of photography suits you. Do you want artistic or dramatic environmental shots? Lots of closeups of you and the groom as well as your guests? Do you want images to give to your bridesmaids, husbands family etc. How are photos delivered? Can you and your family look at the images soon afterwards privately online or do you have to go in studio to see them?
  6. Select Your Dinner or Lunch menu first then a caterer. The best advice I can make with this is to discuss what it is you would like to have as your dinner or lunch. After you have done that then select a few caters to sample some of their menus. Inform them on what it is that you are wanting to have for the meal at your reception. If you are open to buffet style menu let them know so that it may be less expensive to select that type of menu. Ask if there are other ways of keeping cost down so that you have options if it comes to that before changing the menu.
  7. A sweet wedding cake provider. Make sure that whoever you choose they can produce the cake you have envisioned all these years. They all have certain specialties that can make your Wedding cake be the over the top cake you are wanting. Again make sure to taste test for this so you know exactly what your cake will taste like.
  8. Next to diamonds, flowers are always on a woman’s mind. Choose a florist that you can trust. Make appointments to see some of the creations that the florist has done in the past for other weddings. This will let you know if the florist will be able to create stunning bouquet and flower arrangements for your wedding. This is one area that you can save some of the expense by having the bouquets made and have the flower arrangements for the tables and church put together by you.
  9. Invitations & Save the Date postcards. Well nobody will be at the celebration without the invitations so now would be a good time to talk about them. Becoming more popular than the traditional formal invitations “Save the Date” picture postcards are very economical and can be very elegant. Remember to proofread your invitations. After you have done this have two others do it as well so you know that everything is correct.
  10. Arrange for transportation. I put this last only from the aspect that this is not a must have. Having a limousine is always a nice touch and for the most part is not a bad idea due to it gets people to where they have to be at the correct place for the most part. The other thing is if alcohol is going to be consumed it keeps everyone safe. When choosing a limousine provider make sure they have insurance, have a DOT certification, and have a great reputation for being punctual. In the end remember this is your special day for the two of you. It should be filled with great times and friends and family. With every step make it your own, hopefully you only do it once, but if it not don’t concentrate on the past bring in the future with wide open arms and minds.

And because we know you like planning and you might not have this handy list with you when you are out on a mission to finalise your plan, we’ve created a downloadable checklist and worksheet to get you on your way! Enjoy and if you use it, post us a picture of your filled out sheets on social media with the tag #atrdjplanningbliss – you might win a free uplighting!

Have you just had a wedding? What do you wish you had planned for the day? Let us know so we all can benefit from your hindsight!

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  • Fiona Heath

    This has really helped me plan my wedding! It has really helped to start with what i want, then to hire people based on those choices!!

    April 21, 2015 at 2:05 pm
    • DJRick

      Thanks Fiona!

      April 21, 2015 at 2:05 pm
  • Gemma Oliver

    I love the idea to set a budget for each part of the day, such a great tip. Thanks for your help, DjRick I am so looking forward to our entertainment!

    April 21, 2015 at 2:05 pm
  • Thanks Rick for sharing these amazing tips. It would really help to plan a wedding without any chaos.

    February 12, 2018 at 6:19 am
  • Thanks Rick for sharing such an amazing list. It would really help in planning a hassle-free wedding.

    February 28, 2018 at 12:47 am
  • Thanks for your post. Great idea of having a Dj in the wedding. This is too rare for all wedding planners I read.

    February 28, 2018 at 12:55 am
  • Great post. This helped me planning my friend’s wedding.

    March 8, 2018 at 9:48 pm

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